Revitalize Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

If the conspicuous black triangles that have opened up between your teeth are closing down your smile, it’s time to take some bold action!  Whether your gums have receded due to gum disease, brushing too hard, or tooth loss that your aging restorations just can’t hide, cosmetic dentistry can open the door to a younger, revitalized – and smiling – YOU!

Restore gums that have receded and prematurely aged your appearance.  When the gums draw back your teeth can appear much longer.  Once exposed, sensitive root surfaces are susceptible to caries and can turn hot or cold food and drink into an endurance test.  With time, your teeth can loosen because as the gum recedes, so does the supporting bone.

Prevent or Camouflage visibly sunken gums caused by missing teeth.  This unsightly outcome of gum and bone loss can be apparent around the edges of your older restorations.  Replace them with modern, natural-looking crowns, bridges, or permanent implants that prevent bone loss as well as rejuvenate your appearance.

Sculpt your Smile to make short teeth look longer and create symmetry in an uneven gumline.  You may have perfectly healthy gums and teeth, but the radiance of your smile can be overshadowed by an excessive or uneven amount of gum tissue that can be permanently corrected.

Cosmetic Dentistry Results
Cosmetic Dentistry Results

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